Extensive Experience

Starting 1952, Dr. Brånemark’s ground-breaking discovery of osseointegration, and the first osseointegrated implant in 1965, Nobel Biocare has been a leading brand in implant dentistry for more than 65 years.

Feel Just Like Your Own

Nobel Biocare dental implants are designed with pure medical grade titanium, which provides great biocompatibility. Our practice use all genuine implant parts from Nobel Biocare. Insuring the best connection in between implant components to micron level. Reducing chances of peri-implantitis and promoting gum and implant health. Having a reborn smile and function is no longer a dream.

High Success Rate

At implant level, the estimated survival rate exceeded 99% at 1 year and was 95.1% after 10 years. (Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2017;32(4):717-734)

Placed by the Oral Surgeon in Our Office

Your treatment is meticulously designed by the cosmetic dentist and the surgeon together, and placed into your mouth by the Oral Surgeon. You don't need to travel between places in order to be treated by an advanced trained specialist.

What is Dental Implant?

It can replace the missing counterpart of your teeth!

"Use Your Smile to Change the World, Don't Let the World Change Your Smile!"

什麼是人工植牙?_ Chinese edition 中文版_ Dr. Alice Yang 談人工植牙 (1)
當我缺了一顆牙, 有什麼治療選擇?_ 1. 牙橋篇_ Chinese edition 中文版_ Dr. Alice Yang 談人工植牙 (2)
What is Dental Implant?_ English edition__ Dr. Yang's Dental Implant Series (1)