Watch this video to learn the difference between Invisalign® and all other types of orthodontic treatments including braces.
Easy to Apply and Remove at Anytime
Shorter Treatment Period (in average)
Satisfied Results
Easy to Clean and Brush
Less Plaque Accumulation
No Diet Restrictions
Comfortable Medical Grade Plastic
Doctor-Lead Treatment
Patented Designs

"Visualize a Better Smile with iTero Digital Scanner."


Is Invisalign® the Right Treatment for Me? The answer is YES for most of the cases.

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Before and After photos of Invisalign® Patients

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Do the Invisalign trays get loose in my mouth when I talk?

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Is Invisalign painful?

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Is Invisalign really invisible?

What would you expect at the first Invisalign appointment after consultation?

Invisalign® Patient Instruction - Congratulations of Starting YOUR Invisalign® Treatment!

Can Invisalign treat my teeth condition?

We say goodbye to Goop! Digital Impression is a whole new experience.